COLLABORATORS: Ikoyi Group, London - Director Iré Hassan-Odukale and Chef Jeremy Chan
I was honored to create a custom print to be displayed on the wall of this amazing new restaurant in Central London - ikoyilondon.com. The imagery in the print is drawn from the inspirations behind Ikoyi, including ingredients used and dishes served, regional and geographic characters, and textures and patterns present in the setting. I also created four gift cards, and a label for Ikoyi's signature rum-based wine cocktail based off the main print. 


COLLABORATORS: Private Client in London, UK
I was asked to create a drawing for a client whose partner was celebrating a birthday. The story behind the image is that the person celebrating the birthday had once told an interviewer that they were like a big fish, and the company would be lucky to catch them. I ran with the client's only prompt which was, "draw a trout."

IGGY aka SPLINTER (2017)